Hubbard Apps


Swine Crush App

The Swine Crush App is designed to give a 12 month analysis on return over costs based on the futures market. By using feed, ingredient, pig, facility and other costs along with lean hog futures, users can determine profitability on a group of pigs placed on a given day.


Dairy Batch Generator App

This program is designed to allow the feeder to generate batch sheets for specific pen sizes and feeding procedures “on the fly”, without the need to contact your Nutritionist. In addition, it will allow you to adjust for ingredient moisture changes on farm.


Dairy BCS App

Body condition scoring is one of the industry standard management tools utilized by farms and nutritionist to assess changes and increase consistency and performance. The Dairy BCS App is a combination application that allows for both mobile data collection via a smart phone as well as record keeping and data analysis via a web portal.

Don't have access to one of these programs? Contact us for more information on how to obtain permission to any of these Hubbard apps.